Health Checks

MedStarClinics Health Check ups

Research all over the World has proven that it is more economical to invest in preventive healthcare rather than to think of a hospital only in times of distress. More than the cost, it is about the sheer joy of living a happy life without having to worry about one’s health.

In India, MedStar Clinics Private Limited has in the last 10 years focused its efforts to propagate the concept of well being through preventive health check packages. The preventive health check packages are designed to suit the needs of wide cross sections of people across age groups.

One of the most comprehensive Health Screening Programmes in the country, the MedStarClinics Preventive Health Checks offers you the convenience of all the tests under one roof and immediate treatment if called for.

The MedStarClinics Group has been a pioneer in the area of preventive healthcare through MedStarClinics Health Check-Ups. With vast experience in the area of preventive healthcare, a range of tailor-made packages have been developed to cater to the needs of a wide cross section of individuals.

MedStarClinics Health Checks offer you a wide range of screening Programmes to suit individual needs:

Health Check Up Packages Rate Rs
MedStarClinics Master Health Check Up 3500 /-
MedStarClinics Executive Health Check Up 3800 /-
MedStarClinics Heart Check Up 4500 /-
MedStarClinics Comprehensive Well Woman Check up 5100 /-
MedStarClinics Whole Body Check up – Male 7000 /-
MedStarClinics Whole Body Check Up – Female 8000 /-
MedStarClinics Diabetic Check up 3200 /-

Please note prices may change time to time without prior notification.